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Stainless_BG ProEdge Circular Blade Sharpener blade tools
  • Sharpens blades while removing less diameter

  • Quick disc change system (takes 2 seconds)

  • Reproduces a Professional quality edge

  • Ball bearing linear slide self centers blades

  • Produces a burr free edge, single or double bevel

  • Sharpens blades 100 to 400 mm, 0 to 32 degrees

  • Direct Drive, (no belts or chains), precision slides

  • Counter weighted feed control, no heat build up

  • Clean work area, with no grinding wheel dust

  • Safety interlock system disables machine

  • Maintenance-free enclosed motors

  • Available in 110 or 220 volt

ProEdge Circular Blade Sharpener, M400 slide closeup

The ProEdge M400 Circular Blade Sharpener

Our new ProEdge Sharpener. Now you can sharpen more and remove less.

This revoluntionary sharpening system has been endorsed by one of the leading blade manufacturers!

"We're excited by the opportunity this machine offers to our customers who wish to resharpen their own blades in that it is an affordable and simple-to-use machine - one that has operator safety at the forefront, while delivering professionally resharpened blades."